Sirma online insurance solution – API and GUI

Sirma creates and develops API (Application Program Interface) and GUI (Graphical User Interface) solutions for online insurance. APIs allow embedding of different modules in websites – for instance online calculators, real time policy underwriting, with included discounts/loadings, derived from and approved by the insurers’ systems, for Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL).

We have also developed a graphical user interface (GUI), which can be directly embedded via iFrame (installation of remote code on your site) in your websites. GUI can easily fit into different websites regardless their architecture or layout.

All concluded policies are automatically filed into the broker software ICS Platform. We can also implement a payment system of your choice.

The API allows organization to obtain exact price from the insurance companies under this insurance and concluding of the policy. This interface requires to be submitted all necessary tariff-forming factors, including personal data of the client, full details of the insured vehicle, required by the insurance companies. It is possible, your IT specialists to connect our API to your IT system, and create the specific visual layout, according to your specific needs.

Provided that the legislation in your country allows insurance to be purchased online, we are ready to offer you to implement in your website the whole process from client perspective – from receiving an offer, through payment check-out to conclusion of the insurance.

APIs in on-going development – to be included Casco, Property, Travel Assistance and Individual Health Insurance.