We assess the challenges that an organization has to tackle and address ways to changes and improvements that are required.

Our teams will professionally assist the clients from the financial industry to implement new technologies and prepare all players in the field of digital transformation of their business. As a developer with a proven track record, we create, integrate and maintain leading financial products and services, while offering individual software solutions that help operations in insurance companies, and ensure a full compliance with the existing regulations.

Furthermore, our versatile experience and a rich product portfolio, enable the synergy with the other companies of Sirma Group, helping us to offer a comprehensive and robust proposal to any client from the insurance industry. Our corporate clients can fully benefit from a wide range of products, solutions and services, needed for their core business and support operations, in new channel development – both traditional and on-line, the implementation of BI, BPM, DCM, CRM systems, etc.

We enable companies to deploy quickly and seamlessly innovative technological solutions that provide them numerous competitive advantages. Besides improved quality of work processes, excellent customer service and convenience while using top-notch software solutions, the FinTech innovations lead to the provision of better customer service, reduction of operating costs and increase of productivity.

Taking into consideration all emerging trends, Sirma ICS invests and specializes in the delivery of customized business and IT solutions for insurance sector, based on our experience and good knowledge of various financial and payment systems, products and services. We also conduct extensive research and development, in order to develop and extend our product pipeline with novel applications and solutions. As a result, we offer unique own software products and platforms, based on artificial intelligence that bring exceptional value into business organizations, in many industries. We enable companies’ growth and help them scale their business.

Main competitive advantages that our clients gain when use Sirma ICS’s products are:

Cutting-edge technologies

Full digital transformation of business operations and processes

Automate your business processes logic with sophisticated technology

Improved user experience – better user engagement and customer journey

Customer loyalty

Sirma ICS is a subsidiary of Sirma Group


Sirma Group is the largest privately owned Bulgarian IT group. Since its foundation, the group strives to transform innovative ideas into successful commercial products, solutions and companies.

Sirma’s organic growth stems from the unique blend of innovative spirit, solid technological expertise and business acumen. These merits are a vital part of the group’s corporate vision and business strategy, and foster its global ambitions. They are also illustrated by the novelty of the product pipeline and R&D projects. The group’s outstanding products and solutions are already established and distributed worldwide, and it firmly believes they can bring numerous benefits to the customers.

Sirma Group offers a wide range of robust, innovative products and state-of-art IT solutions, backed with deep vertical expertise. Its software distinguishes from the mass market solutions because the group provides to its customers the best match between technology diversity, best-of-class engineering skills, and profound business knowhow.


Sirma’s product portfolio includes world recognized and mature products, developed in accordance with breakthrough innovations in the most advanced IT domains– Fintech, semantics, industrial applications, IoT, computer vision, telemedicine, cybersecurity, and cloud. A big portion of the group’s research has been funded by the European Innovation Fund.

Sirma Group maintains excellent partnerships with industry leading technology players and independent software vendors.