Insurance web portals and mobile applications for intermediaries and end clients

We provide a flexible solution for developing web portals and mobile applications for clients and intermediaries. At the first stage of the project we discuss your needs and business goals, define the project scope and design, and outline the links and relations between various users and the specific solutions they may use – a web portal for agents and employees, a website for end customers, mobile application/s for end customers. Afterward, we apply the most appropriate technology to ensure our solution will be the best match to the long-term business needs of our clients.

Our work follows a few main principles, aligned to already established internet user’s common requirements of usability of design, content, interactivity, easy and intuitive navigation, innovations and all other options the selected technology can offer. All features are designed in a way to provide a direct access to the end user and/or an easy way to customize.

Main platform features:

Portal for insurance agents and brokers


Profile, interaction and client history, including
reminders and notifications to the intermediary.
Risk-affinity profile

Premium calculation of different insurance
products and underwriting / policy issuing

Management of blanks

Electronic documents archive


Claims notification and current status of the

Reports (e-reports)

Business and administrative enquiries

Target setting, aligned with the intermediary’s
bonus scheme

Notification of expiring policies, installments
due, including easy automatic renewal

Back Office module for particular services,
working with a predefined template, including
“Corporate business” service. Creates tasks of
the business unit, and ensure the necessary
approval from different levels

Call Centre – clients’ logs and link to other
system features

Video tutorials

Ticketing system

End customer portal and mobile application

Fully responsive design, optimized for mobile

Online insurance – Premium calculation of
different insurance products, offers, and
underwriting / policy issuing

Offices, claim centers and locations, Find the
nearest location


Push notifications (mobile App), triggered by
certain events (specific location, expiring
policy, promotion, etc.)

Client profile

Information about own insurance policies,
installments and notifications about due dates

Instalment payment via different payment

Claims notification and current status of the

Communication channel and Chat system for
client servicing

We offer you also to create new modern corporate websites for your company, with fully developed functionalities, including HR section, contacts, product catalogue, promotions, news and more. All of our websites have responsive design, and are easily accessible from any kind of mobile devices. After we create these, we can offer you SEO optimization, Google AdWords campaigns, as well as full digital advertising campaigns in the most popular social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and others.