Loyalty programs for banks and insurance

LOYAX is an enterprise loyalty solution, helping banks, insurance and other non-bank financial institutions to build brand loyalty and transform the customer experience. The customer uses a loyalty card or mobile app, and collect loyalty points for different activities. After accumulating a certain amount of loyalty points, the customer receives a reward.

Loyax features include:

• Loyalty Programs
• Loyalty Rewards
• Customer Tiering
• Cashback
• Mobile Loyalty App
• Communication Module
• Customer Reporting and Analytics

Multi-partner program

LOYAX enables you to add multiple business partners under a single loyalty program (restaurants, hotels, airlines, car rental, etc.)
Thus, customers can collect and redeem loyalty points at all partners, which are part of the program.

Customer tiering

Based on customer balance or other predefined criteria, the program can include different membership levels.
• Silver
• Gold
• Platinum

As customers move up to a higher level, so does the level of rewards.

Mobile loyalty app

The mobile app can be used by customers to:

• Receive automatic reminders about upcoming payments
• Monitor their activity
• Receive exclusive offers
• Monitor loyalty points and rewards

Communication module

LOYAX enables targeted marketing campaigns across multiple channels:
• Email Social
• Social media integration
• Push notifications
• SMS messages

Custom branding

The LOYAX loyalty system can be completely branded to reflect the client’s brand identity.

Reporting and analytics

LOYAX provides detailed reporting and analytics in order to understand customer behavior and provide personalized offers tailored to customer preferences.

• Customer spending, purchases and visits
• Points collection and redemption
• Customer behavior
• Customer segmentation
• Comparisons and trends
• Custom reports

Loyalty for banks and financial institutions

By using a debit or credit loyalty card or mobile app, the customer receives loyalty points for different activities – deposits, mobile transactions, credit card usage, automated debits and credits, utility bill payments, etc. After reaching a set amount of loyalty points, the customer receives a reward.

Rewards Options include

• Discounts and cashback
• Vouchers and coupons
• No-fee banking services
• Priority client service
• Discounts at partner locations
• Exclusive offers for members only


• Increased customer value and tenure
• Increased usage and activation of bank products
• Reduced customer churn with diverse customer retention incentives
• Targeted multi-channel communication
• Upsell customers into more profitable accounts
• Improved customer satisfaction and word of mouth advocacy

Loyalty for insurance companies

LOYAX loyalty system acts as a powerful enterprise engine boosting customer retention and acquisition of customers for insurance companies and brokers. It provides possibilities for creating two levels of loyalty: insurance company to brokers to end customers (B2B2C)

Reward mechanisms include:

• Multi policy discounts
• Loyalty discounts for staying with the same company for a few years in a row (е.g. each consecutive year brings an additional 2% discount)
• Family discounts
• Loyalty points for each policy installment
• Additional loyalty points for absence of claims
• Discounts at partner locations (car wash, petrol stations, health centers, furniture stores, etc.)
• Loyalty points for friend referrals
• Priority client service


• Competitive advantage by introducing a loyalty program
• Increased customer lifetime value and reduced churn
• Cross sell and upsell opportunities
• Targeted multi-channel communication
• Customer segmentation and relevant offers
• Detailed customer data and analysis for relevant and targeted offerings
• Improved customer satisfaction and word of mouth advocacy
• Possibilities for creating two levels of loyalty: insurance company to brokers to end customers