The Leading Broker Software Solution

Sirma ICS software platform for insurance brokers handles all of the workflows between insurance companies and insurance brokers.

Our platform covers all needs of the insurance brokers:

  • Integration with insurance companies for their retail products;
  • Policy underwriting and issuing;
  • Electronic reports to insurers;
  • Detailed reporting on business, including regulatory reporting;
  • Billing and payments;
  • Invoicing;
  • Cash handling tool;
  • Blank management tool;
  • Client service tools – SMS and email notification;
  • Multilevel hierarchy and organizational structure of the broker;
  • Customizable commission and product tables and many other features.


The platform is constantly upgraded and fine-tuned at each new release. Our current goal is to incorporate all insurance products of all insurance companies in the markets we operate in, into the platform, as well as to deliver many additional CRM functionalities in it.

As the best in the class software developer, Sirma ICS ensures that each product from the new product pipeline is going to be user-friendly, with intuitive interface, and will comprise all information, helping the insurance brokers to make an informed decision.

Additionally, we provide on-site training, Q&A support from our “Call Center”, 24/7 video trainings and tutorials, hence, our company guarantees a steady performance of the new products and services, required by our clients.


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Insurance brokers

The platform currently supports issuing and registration of the following product lines:



Home Insurance

Travel Insurance

Accident insurance

Liabilities insurance

Individual Health insurance

Other – Assistance, Combined insurance, SME insurance

A lot of products and services can be integrated into the Platform through web services or in case that the Insurer does not have these, we can offer many different workarounds.