A Powerful Property and Casualty Insurance Solution to Transform Your Business

The insurance industry traditionally gather and analyze information regarding risk. The decisions are presented by models, where similar risks are clustered and consolidated in order to price and underwrite that risk. Technology advances change the way we make the models. New sources of data are available to innovative companies that are developing diverse ways to interact with customers, evaluate risk, offer innovative products and reach customers via new digital channels.

Few leading consulting companies proposed so called “worst case scenario” for traditional insurance companies two years ago. The scenario foresees new competitors entering the market by leveraging consumer frustration with their insurance experience and utilizing new data sets to better evaluate and price risk. As the scenario is considered as „worst case“, it opened every aspect of possibilities, some of them, already proved in the real world.

Sirma Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution provides a robust solution that helps insurers to uncover new opportunities and achieve competitive advantage. Designed as an out-of-the-box business intelligence and analytics solution, it reveals actionable insights across the insurance value chain. Business users and executives can fully benefit, using the powerful pre-built measures, dimensions, and KPIs, with flexibility for configuration, drill down, drill through, and drill anywhere capabilities.

The system has simple self-service oriented user interface to create, share, export, and drill down on information. It enables business transformation helping organization to make an informed decision, backed with timely insights. It helps also to undertake ubiquitous business intelligence and analytics via a browser on a desktop, or on/off line via mobile devices.

Sirma Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution is a robust, flexible property and casualty insurance business intelligence solution that assists organization via a single integrated platform. It can be deployed either on premise or in cloud servers.

Why Sirma Business Intelligence and Analytics?

Insurance business is evolving – the entire insurance value chain shift from traditional business models, workflows and interrelation to a new digital ecosystem. Technology empowers insurers with the agility and innovation, accelerating this transformation.
Sirma Insurance solutions include policy management, underwriting, billing, claims management, distribution management, business intelligence and analytics, predictive modeling, digital platform with mobile and portal solutions, testing services, cloud services, content management, consulting and many more.

Main Functionalities:

Sirma Business Intelligence and Analytics Features:

Drill down, drill through, and drill anywhere analysis;

Scheduled e-mail alerts and exception reporting;

Support for predictive analytics, data governance, master data management, data quality and multi-currency;

Support for advanced geographic analysis spatial analytics, forecasting, and the ability to evaluate exposures and market concentration all out-of-the-box;

Proven handling large data volume;

Extract, transform, load (ETL) utilities to expedite data integration.

Empower access of multiple roles

Ease of data access and usability, empower all areas of the organization to improve decision making. More people within and across functions will use the solution because it makes data easier to access without any security compromise.

Technology Transformation in Use

The flexibility of our solution extend business capabilities quickly to build competitive advantage. It allows extension of functionality by integration with your own software. This allows company to control and build own competitive data advantage, not relying on a multitenant solution.

Gain Valuable Insights Empowered by Semantics

Dynamic, intuitive data visualization reduces time to insight and decision making. Sirma Business Intelligence and Analytics uses the powerful GraphDB to search, extract, link, map and present findings, helping users to get the answers they were looking for quickly and keeps them engaged in the analytic tool set.

Social Collaboration

Better off team collaboration, knowledge and communication to strengthen decision making. The social collaboration help deeper and faster understanding of the data and next best actions. The solution facilitate collaboration among teams, offering their preferred communication mode.

Intelligence and Analytics for Better Business Decisions

Instead of centralized IT control, users can access all the data they need and build their own reports. Users across the organization can use information at their convenience – the way they interpret it, whenever they want, without involvement of specialised IT staff to build their reports.