Sirma Content Management

Sirma Content Management provides to organizations opportunity to effectively scan, create, process, edit, share and distribute digital and paper documents. It is a software application that saves money and improves operational efficiency by optimization of the interaction, automation of daily tasks and decreasing of costs, associated with the entire process of creation, management and storage of business documents and team collaboration. In addition, the application provides the necessary tools for supervision and auditing, required to minimize risk and cost, associated with implementation of the regulatory compliance.

Management of structured and unstructured data

Organizations often encounter problem related to management of growing volumes of documents, connected to handling of daily business activities as contracts, orders, scanned invoices, templates, etc. As the company content grows exponentially, business processes are also changing, and it is not a rare case that some documents are lost or corrupt, the costs for printing and archiving are going up, the access rights to the files is becoming a challenge, and as a result the employees might end up making decisions based on outdated or incorrect data.

Sirma Content Management allows organizations to effectively manage all types of digital or paper-based documents. The company documentation is efficiently stored in one centralized system that is managing the access and usage rights, the processes for creation, editing, versioning, publishing, archiving and dispossession, according to the documentation lifecycle or management requirements and regulations.

With Sirma Content management application, businesses can effectively manage any type of document, regardless of its format, source, or storage and archiving policy.

Created for business users

Sirma Content Management is a web-based software application with easy to use intuitive user interface. The work is organized in workspaces and workflows, highly configurable as per user needs and requirements. The web-browser access allows both the data and the rich functionalities to be used anytime, anywhere.

Compliance and risk

Sirma Content Management reduces risks and costs regarding various regulatory requirements, about the storage of documents, data and content. The application empowers organizations to impose internal policies for document management that work across both internal and local or international requirements and standards.

Printing cost reduction

Many organizations spend significant amounts of money for printing and sharing documents between different departments and employees. Sirma Content Management enables sharing of documents, between different employees, groups of employees or departments. The documents can be found and accessed quickly, discussed, edited, approved and published within the application, as all involved users receive real-time information regarding other users’ actions, document and version changes.

Optimized for business users

Business users easily adapt to Sirma content management application, for its ease of use and the possibility for a full integration into their business processes. The application organizes the files and information in one single unified data repository and becomes ultimate source of truth, while keeping low workload of IT teams, in terms of maintenance and service.

The solution is providing a full range of services related to content management, including: search, workflow and task management, content creation, document upload and download, comparison of versions, interaction and collaboration between users, comments to documents, creation and management of content or document templates, approval process, and so on. Besides the full capability of the system, users can take the advantage of using “Wiki” spaces in order to create, edit and manage the company wide knowledge and competences in different business areas.

Adding value to existing IT infrastructure

Sirma Content Management is designed to protect the current investments made by the companies and to add value integrating with the existing IT infrastructure. Organizations using ERP, CRM, or other legacy systems, can simplify the management of structured and unstructured data as the SOA architecture of the solution provides the necessary flexibility for integration and a fast deployment.

Why choose Sirma Content Management?

Sirma Content Management is an application, based on latest worldwide technology achievements and aligned with the future trends. The application enables use of “semantic” relationships between objects (documents, employees, customers, etc.), as it is representing the Real World connections between them. This gives additional velocity of the system by making logical connections of the data, which can be hardly achieved by other solutions of this range.