This is one of Sirma Group’s most popular and modern products with many clients in Bulgaria and the USA. It represents a Software platform that offers all tools needed for full digitization including digital signing, management, automation, control and tracking of all business processes within the structure of the company and possibility for integration with other applications. The platform is able to meet maximum load of users and volume of information processed. The architecture allows us to offer installation at customer’s servers or in the cloud. The platform is configurable without coding and through a network of business objects (for example customers, intermediaries, employees and documents), their role in the business process and theirrelation. Key advantages of the platform are flexibility, ease of use and short times to deployment.

Part of its business applications are:

Electronic archive for the full lifecycle of documents (Policies, annexes, claims, Acquisition pictures, photos in claims handling, client and contractor dossiers etc.) including versions of the documents and history of changes.

Contract management and dynamic files of intermediaries, contractors and employees with an automatic process issuance of standard contracts and annexes.

Management of cases and complaints (Case Management) incl. response times and distribution of responsibilities.

Manage requests for access rights, tailor-made underwriting, non-standard commission and other by staff, intermediaries, customers and partners, incl. electronic process for approval of the respective business units, electronic records, reports and auditing tools.

Management of internal libraries and knowledge – rules, procedures, product documentation, marketing materials and more.

Functional description of platform:

1. Management of documents and records (electronic Archive), Document Libraries, version control of documents, Comparison of graphics and images.
2. Creation of content, Document templates, Intelligent documents & internal “wiki” spaces.
3. Management of business processes, Organizational structure, Projects and project schedules, Tasks.
4. Team collaboration, Aggregated e-mail /correspondence, “Kanban” boards for teamwork, Comments in context, Shared calendars, Event Management.
5. Semantic features (for meaningful recognition), Automatic Recognition of objects / text, Dynamic files of Business Objects, Models of business objects and concepts, Tools for importing of structured data, Historical consistency of records, Sense integrating data from multiple sources, Semantic classification and nomenclature.
6. Basic and Advanced Search, Business reports.
7. Users and access control, Management of personal profiles, Role-control system of access, Audit logs of user and system actions.

Some of the customers using our platform are:

• National Council on prices and reimbursement of medical products
• National Gallery of Art, Washington
• Quality Vision Int’l (QVI), USA
• Sofia Municipality
• Bulgarian Customs agency
• Chronika Inc. and many more